Yandex Metrica vs. Google Analytics

Yandex Metrica vs Google Analytics

Yandex Metrica, a product of Yandex , a publicly traded company from Russia has an excellent website reporting tool called Yandex Metrica – a good addition to Google Analytics. As a matter of fact, when I’m drinking coffee in the morning I check website stats more often on Yandex Metrica then at Google Analytics and I will explain why.

Clear and colorful representation of site activity. Lets see Yandex Metrica login welcome screen:

Yandex Metrica - a good addition to Google Analytics

One cool feature that sets it aside from Google Analytics the filtering out of referrer spam which is a nagging reoccurring problem in Google Analytics. Its puzzling why Google with all of its resources does not take time to get rid of referrer spam in their reports. On average there about 50 spam referrers that require a creation of a filter to bring visitor statistics to a norm. This is what I’m talking about:

Google analytics referrer Spam

Once you click on your website that you want to check stats for, you are taken to neatly looking Dashboard, where all vital statistics presented and broken down by categories in easy to understand ways.
Most likely if your are SEO whiz and making living optimizing websites and run several adwords campaigns, you gotta use Google Analytics, but for 90% of website users out there Yandex Metrica in my opinion if a better option because of simplicity and usability advantages.

Yandex Metrica - a good addition to Google Analytics

Clicking on Reports tab open a plethora of reports and features that I explained in short video:

Overall Yandex Metrica is a great addition, if not alternative to Google Analytics because it presents the data in simple, user-friendly way which is beneficial for regular folks who are not computer or web/HTML superstars. If you want a simple and clear picture of your website statistics I suggest you drop Google Analytics and use Yandex Metrica instead.

Written by Alex Pavlov, Real Estate Broker


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