How to add LinkedIn Profile badge to Gmail Signature


I was exploring advertising options of CPC online advertising recently read the funny and clever story by Matt Goldenberg “How to Add 15,306,040 People to Your LinkedIn Network in Three Weeks”.

Upon reading this article I decided to add linked in signature to gmail and googled this article “How to: Add a LinkedIn Button to Your Gmail Signature”.

I tried following instructions, but perhaps they were obsolete, or Linked in changed their interface and I count not find the last step (Step 4 in above mentioned article):

How to add LinkedIn Profile badge to Gmail Signature in 3 easy steps

So to make it short and easy, follow these 3 steps to add LinkedIn Profile badge to Gmail Signature:

Step 1:

While you logged into Linked in type following phrase in Google: linkedin profile badge, you will see in search results following image:

How to add LinkedIn Profile badge to Gmail Signature in 3 easy stepsclick on the first link and you will be taken to your own page with different badge designs options, choose one that is most appealing to you, I personally liked second from the top, that page will look like this:

Step 2:

Select and copy the whole code and paste it into the textpad (this HTML code will work fine if copied into webpage but it will not work “out of the box” for Gmail signature, will need a image URL and your linked in profile URL later)

How to add Linked in profile badge to your gmail signature in 3 easy steps

It Should look like this:

Copying URL code for Linkedin Image

Step 3:

While logged into your gmail account click on Gmail Setting “Gear” button which looks like this:


Once inside your Gmail settings, scroll down to the Signature option:

Adding Linkedin Badge to Gmail Signature

Step 5:

Now, In Gmail signature panel Click “Add Image Icon”, It will look like this:

adding linked in profile image to gmail signature
Now remember that Code that you copied from Linked in profile badge in Step 2?
Copying URL code for Linkedin Image

Step 6:

After you click on “Add Image” Icon, dialog will open asking you whether you want to insert image from Google drive, Upload it from computer or Link it from elsewhere. Important! Select “Web Address”

Copy selected Linkedin badge image URL link (highlighted above in beige background) into “Insert Image” interface field of Gmail Signature panel as shown below:

Correctly copy and paste linkedin badge code to gmail signature panel

Almost DONE! Your signature panel now has an Image, but this image is not linked to your LinkedIn profile:

Step 7:

Copy onto clipboard (Just hit Command-C) Your Linked in Profile URL code (highlighted with purple background) as shown on the picture:

Selecting your LinkedIn profile URL to add to gmail signature_panel


FIRST (Important) select the Badge Image (Selection dialog will appear if selected properly) THEN hit “Link” icon on the toolbar:

Adding link to linkedin badge image in gmail signature panel

This dialog will appear , now PASTE previously copied URL to your LinkedIn profile into the field titled “To What URL should this link go”? To remind you, it should look like this:

LinkedIn Badge URL

Paste that URL as shown on the picture below.

Final Step of adding Linkedin badge to Gmail Signature

Congratulations! You added a working Linkedin Badge to your signature panel!

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