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We are Itz-Sold.com – 1% Listing Agency and offer to sell your property for a 1% Listing agent Commission!

We opened our doors in 1997 and sold over 300 condominiums, homes and apartment buildings in Southern California.

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, high quality service and low real estate fees.

We are a member of largest Multiple Listing Service – California Multi Regional MLS “CRMLS” that covers all cities in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego counties and have reciprocity agreements with San Diego and Northern California.

We can provide you with free property price evaluation prior to listing it for sale in MLS.

Our discounted listing agent commission is only 1% of the sales price and you can choose to offer between 2 and 2.5% to the buyers agent, making total commission to list and sell a 3.5%.

If you are a home buyer, we offer a valuable “Home Buyers Rebate” of 1.25% of the sales price that you can use towards your escrow and closing costs.

We carry Errors and Omission Insurance (professional liability insurance) in the amount of $1,000,000

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We saved over $11,000 with Discount Realtor & Discount Real Estate Broker listing package. Instead of paying $11,000 to the realtors, we put it into my daughter college fund! Thank you Alex!

“Our home was put on the MLS right away. Discount Realtor & Discount Real Estate Broker Alex Pavlov charged only 1% listing commission to his firm and 2.5% to cooperating buyers agent. The house was on the market for an hour and a half before the first showing. The first showing resulted in an offer the same day! In a nutshell, we sold our house in less than a day!”

Working with Alex was a breeze, we saw his advertisement for purchase with zero down and decided to get pre-approved for a mortgage and see what we can qualify for. His mortgage officer Sinead McMenamin was very easy and pleasant to work with! As soon as we got approved for financing we were surprised that we actually CAN afford a place in Orange County! We could only see homes on the weekend andAlex showed us 10 condos per day until we found one! He structured the deal in a way that we did not have to put any money down and on top of that we got buyers refund of 1.5% that we used to pay for Escrow and closing costs! We higly recommend working with Alex!

It was a pleasure working with Alex and his team of First Choice Realty! We werent sure if we could afford anything in OC, moreover in the hear of Fountain Valley, next to a mile square park, but he made it happen!
We liked that he was able to negotiate a deal with our type of financing (FHA+Downpayment assistance + he gave us 1.5% buyers rebate from his commission). I recommended him to everyone at work! Now I live near park and my family never thought that is possible! Thank you Alex and God Bless!

I know Alex from the newsletter called “Miraleste Times” that he diligently been sending to everyone in our complex in San Pedro for few years. Since he was my neighbor and a homeowner in the same HOA I decided to give him a chance to sell my condo. I really liked the fact that he was straight up about his fees, his commission was only 1% to his company and 2.5% to cooperating agent, and he had a solid marketing plan in mind. He priced my condo above last sale and we got a full price offer in two days! Thank you Alex!

Muy Bien Senor Alex!

Thank you very much for excellent service and persistence in finding our place in beautiful Lake Forest!
You made our dream of being a homeowners a reality! Thank you for homebuyer rebate, we used it to pay for escrow and mortgage closing costs! many referrals coming your way from mi familia!

Javier Galindo

Thank you Alex and everyone at First Choice Realty making my dreams come true! Working with you was a breeze of fresh air and thank you for homeowners rebate, it really helped!
If not for your advertising I would still keep on paying rent to my landlord!


I was impressed by Alex’s work ethic and persistence in accepting my offer. We wrote a dozen offers before we finally got acceptance in red-hot Socal market, he never gave up or lost interest in the deal. He is one of the few realtors who offer homebuyers rebate, I got mine and very happy with it!

Thank you Alex for your hard work!


Thank you Alex for helping me with my condo search! I know I was not the easiest first-time homebuyer  to work with but after you explained me the whole process from pre-approval for a mortgage, writing an offer and closing the deal, I realized how much effort goes into finding a home and getting it into escrow! Thank you for your homebuyers credit! I really appreciate it!

Emily S Castillo

Hello Alex!

Can you believe we are still unpacking! And that’s after 6 weeks already! Thank you for your hard work and that 1.5% commission credit you gave us!

You are welcome to stop by anytime for a beer and some tacos!


Thank you for not quitting on me Alex! I didn’t expect this to be easy but gosh, 8 offers submitted and FINALLY we got  a house by the park! Who could expect that! My son and I love it! First Choice Realty ROCKS!

Alex, thank you for negotiating a best price for us!  I didn’t expect getting thousands more then other agents been telling me, on top of that your selling commission of 1 % was the lowest! You saved me close to 7k! Thank you!


I’m so excited Alex! Out escrow is finally CLOSED! Wow! I thought it would never end! Thank you for EVERYTHING you’ve done for us!  That homebuyers rebate really helped us! I ‘ll let you know when the housewarming party is!


I found Alex when searching online for a discount realtor that works with homebuyers rebates. Alex always clearly explained the whole condo purchasing process from getting pre-qualified for a mortgage to choosing which townhone write offers on. I found easy to understand and work with. He also has the ability to listen carefully to what I was saying, liking and disliking about homes we saw. Our conversations about issues that arose when homebuyers credit was not accepted by the FHA lender were two-way and productive. Thank you very much for all your help!

Alex worked relentlessly to find a property where seller would accept my offer. We saw probably 2 dozen townhomes and submitted a dozen offers before we got one in escrow! Homebuyers credit from Alex helped me to get my place!
Thank you Alex!


Thank you for making it happen for us Alex! You were like a diplomat – A skillful negotiator, who instinctively reads a situation correctly, understands the motivations and feelings of the other party, and chooses the right time to proceed!
Thank you for first time homebuyer rebate, it really helped us to buy down the mortgage rate!

Danny and Nilza

Thank you for finding me this cozy condo! I was not sure if I could find something in my price range but this is a true gem! I loved the building and all amenities with Jacuzzi and exercise room! Perfect location near Civic Center where I work. Thank you for homebuyers rebate as well, it came quite handy!

Alex will always willingly and successfully try to do what is required to close the deal, even if it means performing tasks that are not in the job description or if required to do extra work unexpectedly. I really enjoyed working with him as a realtor!

Alex is polite, courteous, respectful and charming at all times and in all situations, without being obsequious. Unfailingly courteous even when dealing with a difficult person or situation. Reaches a decision rapidly after taking account of all likely outcomes and estimating the route most likely to bring success. The decisions to work with Alex and use his homebuyers rebate turned out to be good one!

Hello Alex!

Thank you for handling this sale and making sure it closes on time for me! I really appreciate your effort and energy! I really love the house and hope to leave it to my grand grand children!


Alex, BIG thank you for all your hard work! Thank you for introducing us to Zero Down Financing and Homebuyers commission rebate! If not for this program, I dont think I’ll ever be a homeowner with 2 houses in USA!

Viter and Maria

Alex, BIG thank you for all your hard work! Thank you for introducing us to Zero Down Financing and Homebuyers commission rebate! If not for this program, I dont think I’ll ever be a homeowner with 2 houses in USA!

Viter and Maria

Alex is well known in Miraleste Canyon Estates, he publishes a monthly newsletter about this complex, so he was not a stranger to me, because I’ve been reading his newsletter for few month I felt like I knew him all my life! He offered me a 1% listing agent commission and 2.5% buyers agent commission , for a total of 3.5%. That was a good deal!

Thank you Alex!

Alex considers real estate problems as a challenge and enjoys finding creative yet appropriate solutions. Pleasure working with you Alex!

I found about Alex and First Choice Realty from a monthly newsletter Alex been mailing for several months in our complex. As an expert in Miraleste Canyon Estates sales I had complete trust in listing my condo while our HOA was going thru litigation process.
He explained me how discount realtor program works and I listed with him for a total of 3.5% commission.
He made sure escrow closed on a firm but realistic deadline, Alex always completed tasks to a high standard. Care and accuracy is obvious even when he was put under pressure of time.

Thank you and I recommended you to all my friends!


Well, as they say around here, Alex is the expert of Miraleste Canyon Estates, he knows all the latest prices and stays on top or HOA developments. Thank you for getting us a top dollar for our Miraleste Canyon Estates Condo and finding us our next home!

As soon as I saw this condo in Miraleste Canyon Estates, I knew I had to get it fast! and that where ALex and his digital signatures came up strong! We wrote and offer in 30 minutes and send all the info to the listing agent who forwarded it to the bank. I also got a homebuyers rebate of 1.25% at the close of escrow!

Alex is very easy to work with, he is well knows as an Expert in Miralste Canyon estates condominium complex, because he’s been sending monthly update flyer for years. I had full confidence listing with him and very happy with end result. I only paid 4% discounted commission and got an offer $4,000 over asking price!

I read Miraleste Times real estate Newsletter, so I knew I could trust Alex with selling my condo in times when out HOA went thru money sucking litigation. He priced my condo few thousands over asking price and was able to close escrow under these pressured conditions. He sold it when no other realtor wanted to sell in here! On top of that I paid only 4% discounted commission!

When time came to move out of state because of my job relocation, I called up Alex Pavlov, a discount realtor in Miraleste Canyon Estates. He has been diligently sending out his newsletter called “Miraleste Times” for 3 years now and everyone here knows his as a local and honest realtor. Since he writes about latest sales prices in his newsletter, I already knew how much I could get for my condo, so it was just a matter of calling him up and signing the papers. I got several full price offers and Alex made the buyers increase the price even more and asked for bigger deposit. Buyers also had to be well qualified by major banks, he said it was important for timely closing. We picked the best offer and closed after 30 days! I highly recommend Alex Pavov and his discount realtor services with reduced commission!