MLS Exposure for Zillow FSBO Success Story Long Beach Condo

We are happy to share a MLS Exposure for Zillow FSBO Success Story – Long Beach condo at 819 E. 4th St. Apt 4.

It was listed on “For Sale by Owner” by a famous investor and awesome motivational speaker Nadine Lajoie who acquired it as investment in 2015. After few phone calls we decided to list it in the California Regional Multiple Listing Service –  CRMLS with only 3.5% TOTAL commission (Buyers Agent 2.5% and Sellers Agent 1% ). Property initially was occupied by a tenants who made it difficult to show, however after couple of weeks tenant left and we installed electronic Supra lock box that made it very convenient for realtors to show this condo.

4th st

We had several strong showings and 2 good offers. Ultimately Nadine picked one all-cash offer and closed the escrow 2 weeks later.

Clearly, MLS provides great exposure for any home seller, whether they list their property on or any other website.
MLS Exposure for Zillow FSBO

Lets revise which factors attributed to a successful showings, offers and ultimately closing:

  1. MLS listing – without MLS listing local full -time Realtors are not aware that the property is for sale.
  2. 2.5% Commission to buyers agent CLEARLY indicated in the MLS – Professional agents expect a reward for their hard work (sometimes they spend MONTHS driving picky clients around on weekends) and they dont have time or energy to haggle about commission with a FSBO seller, they want CLEAR indication of the commission in the MLS.
  3. Electronic SUPRA lockbox – makes it very convenient for Realtors to show a VACANT property
  4. Professional “For Sale” Sign attracted lots of attention from street traffic.
  5. Professional support and advice from a Realtor who represents the seller, help with all forms, disclosures and inspections