How out-of area agent under priced San Pedro Miraleste condo by $40,000

I get automatic new listings notifications from our MLS system for each new listing that come up for sale in MCE. This latest new listing caught my eye.. Completely remodeled unit with 2 side-by side parking spaces.. and price.. $319,000 a whopping $25,000 below recent highest sale, and potentially $40,000 below appraised value. Lets see what its all about..


What are the most recent sales in Miraleste?

As you can see we already have a closed sale in the amount of $343,000 closed 4 months ago on 1/7/2016 , several Backup/Pending transactions for $334,00 and $329,000. It is clear that this new unit could have been priced AT or ABOVE highest sales in MCE, but for some reason the owners and listing agent decided to leave $40,000 on the table.

At this price, it almost makes sense to buy it and resell in summer for $360,000. No remodeling required!