How to use Pokemon Go to attract visitors to your business

Pokemon GO taking world by storm! After reading the articles how Pokemon go became the most popular mobile game in the history of mankind, naturally I though about applications of it in Real Estate Lead generation, and traffic generation for any retail business and here are the answers on how to How to use Pokemon Go to attract visitors to your business!

According to Fortune Magazine, as of Friday there 70 million installations in USA alone, quartz reports that these players spending $1.8 million a day in game purchases.

Players at level five or higher get a discount from Rush Street in Los Angeles, but Kaleidescope Café in Pittsburgh will give you 10 percent off just for showing you have the app. At the Silverton Casino in Las Vegas, that’ll swing you a $2 draft beer (as long as you’re over 21, of course). But make sure you don’t miss out on the bar crawls, either.

How to use Pokemon Go to attract visitors to your business
While the game’s developer, Niantic Labs, is waiting to roll out sponsorship and promotions, businesses are putting to use the publicly available tools it already provides.

Scattered throughout the world are PokéStops, where players can retrieve items, and gyms, which players can battle to control. Those are placed at notable locations — crowd-sourced into a database by players of the company’s previous game, Ingress — like monuments, pieces of public art, landmarks and stores.

Go allows players to purchase and use lures, which last a half-hour and make Pokémon appear more frequently around a PokéStop. It’s also an easy way to lure customers, too.
Inc. did the math and found that, for just under $1.20 per hour, businesses near a Stop can keep a lure going constantly — inviting users to stop by, buy a drink or some food, get settled, and keep playing from the comfort of their store. Doing just that, the New York Post reported, the L’inizio Pizza Bar in Long Island City supposedly increased its business by 75 percent. Not bad for a few bucks. It’s a strategy encouraged by the recommendation app Yelp, which on Friday revealed a search filter for “PokéStop Nearby.” And the phone carrier T-Mobile announced that for one year it would give users free, unlimited data when playing Pokémon Go, in a bid to win customers concerned about draining their plans to use the app.
So if you are running any type of a retail business where  foot traffic is present, you owe it to yourself and your bank account to capitalize on Pokemon Go craziness while it lasts! So what do you do to attract traffic to your business?

Here are 3 easy steps How to use Pokemon Go to attract visitors to your business:

Step 1 on driving customers to your retail business – creating a Pokestop:

You need to request a Pokestop and Gym in Pokemon Go using a form on Pokemon GO Support Page:

How to use Pokemon Go to attract visitors to your business

Fill out required fields, and at this point be super selective –  find out exact coordinates of your business form Google earth and enter them on this page to make sure that all Pokemon Go traffic goes to your Real Estate Office or Retail business location!


At this point, you can request an EXACT NAME of the Pokestop, I suggest you call it something catchy and business related at the same time! Perhaps your Real Estate website name? I called my Pokestop

Step 2 You need to place a Pokemon “Lure” inside your retail business:

Once you been granted with Pokestop and Pokemon Go Gym, drop some rare Pokemons in that location and watch people coming to your business! Few open-ended questions at this point and you have unlimited source of potential clients!

How to use Pokemon Go to attract visitors to your business

Pokemon Go Crown on Santa Monica Pier after local businesses established several PokeStops and Pokemon GO Gyms

And here your have it! Whether you running a Real Estate office with foot traffic or ice Cream Shop, be rest assured that hordes of Pokemon Go Players will notice it and come to your location to collect the PokeBalls, Pokemon Potions and other items!