Miraleste Pines Realtor Alex Pavlov set another price record!

Miraleste Pines Realtor Alex Pavlov sets another Price Record!

Hello Neighbors!

I’m very excited to share with you new price record in the Miraleste Pines area of San Pedro as of July 6 2017, we set a new record in the sale of the 304 S. Miraleste drv. #29 San Pedro, CA.

As you remember this unit was owned by a long time residents Igor and Maria and their children Manny and Sabrina. Igor is a long time friend of mine, and wanted to move on with a purchase of a single family home somewhere near Palos Verdes and San Pedro border because of clean air, availability of running and hiking trails and general love for the area.

His unit was rented for two years, and frankly, he got tired of dealing with tenant issues, never ending repairs elated issues. His plan was to sell the unit for highest price, save as much as possible on transaction costs and buy a 4 or 5 unit building somewhere in Gardena, Torrance or Lomita.

As Miraleste Pines Realtor, of course I made sure he accomplished all of his goals! He got the highest price, paid only 1% listing agent commission and also got a $500 flat escrow fee from our partner Bayside Escrow

Igor also running two interesting businesses one of them is a commercial paining company called Super Paining with a website http://superpaintingco.com you can read his Yelp reviews here: https://www.yelp.com/biz/super-painting-torrance-2 his another exciting business is a Magic Photobooth http://photomagicbooth.com

Miraleste Pines Realtor Alex Pavlov is happy and excited to represent you in the sale of your condo or SFR in the Miraleste Pines area of Rancho Palos Verdes!

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