Eco-Friendly House made out of recycled cardboard and can last 100 years

This luxury house made of cardboard gives a new meaning to the phrase “Living in a cardboard box”

Amsterdam company Wikkelhouse made these pre-fab homes that can be installed and ready to use in just 1 day

This recyclable house cost $35,000

House walls are made using a 24 layer cardboard bonded together by a waterproof Eco-friendly superglue, then the walls are molded into these forms that are connected to each other at the site.

Eco Friendly Cardboard House

Because of the modular construction, you can order house of any length!

Cikkelhouse Recycleable eco friendly

Kitchen and bathroom are installed for a extra fee

Wikkelhouse Does not require a concrete slab for a foundation

At the moment, the company producing 20 homes per year to maintain quality if construction, there also a customer waiting list.