1% Commission and Full Service realty lists new condominium in San Pedro

We are happy to announce that our 1% commission is getting more and more popular with home sellers and investors in Southern California!

Not only sellers are provided with up to date report of the property values so they can get top price, they also saving thousands of dollars on real estate fees!

1% Commission and Full Service realty

Today we are happy to announce that we listed a condominium in San Pedro at 340 S. Miraleste Drv. Unit 275 San Pedro, CA 90732 with 1% commission for the listing office and 2.5% buyers agent commission. Current owner who resides out of state and used this unit as his vacation home was provided with most recent comparable sales in the complex and decided to save $6,000 right from the start by going with out 1% commission and customary 2.5% buyers agent fee vs. “old-school” 6% commission.  He also fount it very helpful our market update for the Miraleste Canyon Estates.

We strive to provide home sellers with the most comprehensive pre-sale report and get them BEST price considering property condition and market dynamics!

See our review on Yelp or Zillow for more information!

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